Nim Kibbler, one of the co-creators of the Explore Soils programme, approached us in May 2017 to discuss the Explore Soils website. Although she had the support of a developer, Nim needed some help with design, structure and navigation. She also felt that an injection of external support would help to move the project forward, as it had been languishing for 6 months since setting up the domain.

The funding for the overall project only allowed a limited budget for the website, so we discussed what Nim wanted to do herself, and how our time might be put to best use. Together we decided on the design, layout and functionality of the site. There was also time to upload the text-based content, and insert it into the structure, so that Nim could start promoting the site straight away.

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Screenshot of Explore Soils website

Project outline

  • Update the website with a new theme, with the logo included.
  • Create landing pages which reflect the information architecture (IA), and add appropriate navigation features and menus.
  • Load existing content into pages and organise these to the IA of the site.
  • Draft excerpts for each content page to use in the landing pages to aid site navigation
  • Correct the formatting of existing content to improve readability and on-page navigation.

Screenshot of Explore Soils website

Feedback about Explore Soils

“Katie was excellent in providing the technical guidance that I needed for developing a website. It was one of those tasks where it needed doing but kept slipping to the bottom on the ‘to do’ list and eventually I decided I didn’t have time to make the website and if I continued to think I would then it would never be complete! I described what I was hoping for to Katie, we met and discussed it further and ironed out conditions. Her fee was reasonable and her attitude always professional. It was a pleasure to work with someone who helps to form expectations in relation to completing a project and timeframe and then delivers within this. It’s now complete, thanks to her help and guidance!”


Some design and functional elements were edited in PHP and CSS. The Customisation tools in WordPress did not support what we needed.

We tested a range of plug-ins for the landing page navigation, to find one which Nim could manage herself in the future.

WordPress Training

After the website updates were completed and the content uploaded, Nim and I got together for a training session. We quickly refreshed the basics of content management in WordPress, including structure, metadata and media. We also looked at the plug-in used for the landing pages, and how to keep each section up to date.

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Screenshot of Explore Soils website