Strategic planning is just as important for your marketing as it is for your business as a whole. Marketing is often time consuming, and advertising can be expensive. So, it makes sense have a coherent digital marketing strategy – a plan for what needs done and what you hope to achieve.

We’ll work together through a tried-and-tested strategic process. It’s designed to create a detailed and actionable strategy that fits in with your business plan. The process covers

  • Who your ideal customers are and where to find them
  • Content marketing and advertising tactics to generate and nurture your leads
  • Performance indicators and reporting tools to assess if your plan is working.

Depending on your needs we can work on a one-off strategic project or an on-going basis.

A stand-alone project is perfect to help you through a key phase of development in your business. Maybe you’re starting from scratch, launching a new product, or looking to grow your customer base. We can create a project to help you make a big impact.

A long-term consulting agreement is ideal for a company that needs strategic direction. You can add some real marketing expertise to your team, without having to hire an expensive full-time contractor

Within the project or agreement, we can also include

  • platform-specific training,
  • copywriting and editing,
  • regular reports and analysis,
  • other specifcs, as required.

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Cost of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Following your free audit, we can provide a detailed quote.

The minimum term for a retainer agreement is 6 months, with a minimum value of £500 per month.

One-off projects have a minimum value of £300.