The success of your content is often tied up in how well your calls to action match up with actions that your customers want to take. You can have the perfect button in the perfect place on the page, but if the words written on it don’t appeal, then no one is going to click on it.

“Find out more about…” and “Get in touch if you…” are all very well, but they don’t really help you stand out from the crowd! Consider what really motivates your customers instead. People love to find out more about themselves, and to see how they rank against others – think about the recent success of BuzzFeed, which stemmed in part from the vast array of quizzes they had to offer on a whole host of ‘introspective’ topics.

If you’re finding all your calls to action are getting a little dry, don’t worry. This week at the Content Marketing Institute, Julie Wingerter has suggested 5  interactive calls to action to help entice your customers to click.

Do you have any creative calls to action in your content that your customers love? Did you find any useful ideas in Julie’s article?

Creative calls to action

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